Dr David Cartland

Data, data, data, or just ask the doctor

Aug 4, 2022

Data is incredibly important to our efforts to illuminate the past two years. Without it, these conversations wouldn’t be possible. We’d have nothing without the swathe of independent researchers diligently putting together datasets and studies for us to look at. No conversations on early treatment, and no conversations on the risk-reward ratios of the vaccine.

As important as data is, perhaps we have allowed the conversation to be dictated by its idiosyncratic grammar. Sometimes, what we need is to fall back on more old-fashioned forms of information curation. We can go and speak with people and ask them “what is going on inside your industry right now? Please paint us a picture”.

That’s what I just did with Dr David Cartland, a doctor who has witnessed a total failure of due diligence during the rollout of the novel pharmaceutical product, at a time when we needed it the most. David has spoken out about this at great personal cost, and whenever speaking out comes laden with a huge cost, in my experience, that information is worth paying attention to.

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