Alexandros Marinos - The Digger Episode 5

The Together Trial

Alex has been incredible on the Together Trial, raising some significant problems which have not been explained. Why did we have a week where 57% of the patients ‘randomized’ in the trial went to the Ivermectin arm of the study, at a time when the case fatality rate had essentialyl doubled. Until we have answers on these huge problems, is it fair to say the trial has lost its credibility?

Check out Alex’s work at doyourownresearch.substack.com

Some updates on what I’m working on

I’m working on looking into CTAP, the multivaried ‘COVID Therapeutics Taskforce' style programs that aimes to find a therapy for COVID. They cropped up everywhere, and many of them looked identical. Why?

I’ve also found something new with regards to the Ivermectin / Andrew Hill / Andrew Owen saga. I only discovered this information late this week and I want to spend some time figuring out what it means before posting.

I’m working on a huge literature review of Ivermectin, we have close to 370 peer reviewed papers. I’m trying to figure out how to publish in a way that is enagaging and definitive.

I also want to take Alex’s incredible work and distil it into a short sharp shot.

When I get ‘a Jamie’ things will be much more regular. I’ll soon be adding actual podcasts to go with the videos I’ve been making. I think Normal Fenton is only available via the video at the moment, I plan to do some housekeeping on all that soon.

Any work I do is only possible because of my substack supporters, so thanks again for your support.

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