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Did Covid Vaccines cause an increase in heart disease?

Dr Clare Craig puts together the case

It’s the first podcast for, the platform I’ve built which allows users to make and share ‘cases’, which are statements backed up by data. With the help of an AI, users can then explore these cases, asking any question they like of a huge corpus of information that supports a particular statement.

What better guest to start with than Dr Claire Craig, a consultant pathologist and co-chair of the HART group. We were discussing the potential link between COVID-19 vaccines and the rise in heart disease. To support that claim, Claire has put together a case with 117 sources which you can explore here:

Dr Clare Craig has been actively researching COVID for many years now. In fact, she has a successful book published on the matter available on amazon. works well when a stated case is pointed, and the case here is that Covid-19 vaccines caused an increase in heart disease.

There are now so many self styled ‘misinformation experts’, that our own sense of reality can feel somewhat warped. We endlessly hear about the dangers of ‘medical misinformation’, and it creates this odd illusion that the entire conversation surrounding vaccine safety is entirely spurious, as though there’s no data at all that might back up the position that ‘hey, there is a problem here’. Repetition is enough to make is leave the doubt sown in our mind.

Well, should be useful at relieving some of that pressure because it creates a neat and shareable receptacle that can ‘fight back’ against claims that this data doesn’t exist. It does exist, and in this first episode, Clare and I discuss a tiny fraction of it. What we aimed to do was to create a first time bridge for people who might never have considered this topic before.

The first port of call, of course, is myocarditis. The issue for which the evidence became so overwhelming that regulators had to acknowledge it because so much data appeared in the literature pointing to the problem. So if you’re forced to acknowledge a problem, why not downplay it as though its not really a problem at all. Enter Anthony Fauci…

So is it really true that myocarditis is self limiting? It’s something Clare and I discussed in this podcast, and it’s something you can ask the case yourself at this link. Try asking about the studies that support the idea that myocarditis post mRNA vaccination is a problem.

So what about the rates of myocarditis? Is it really a ‘very very rare’ case as Tony Fauci claimed? Can there really be something like a ‘mild’ myocarditis? Direct your questions to the case itself or watch the podcast.

"If you're damaging your heart muscle, it's a bit like damaging your brain muscle. You don't have mild brain damage. Brain damage is brain damage and heart damage is heart damage."

For a quick how to on what case does and how it works, watch this short video:

Here’s a version of the podcast with no music bed. Let me know which you prefer in the comments.

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