The MHRA appears to have “gone Rogue” to use Robert Malone’s description for the FDA behaviour recently. Perhaps you could ask them to approve Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin now that they have managed to jab most of us up to the eyeballs with the disgusting toxic cocktails from their Big Pharma friends. And tell them that Vitamin D is the dogs bollocks as well, and as explained in my school biology book, so is Natural Immunity.

So looking forward to seeing them having a swinging time at Nuremberg 2.

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Since the WHO gives ivermectin a stellar safety recommendation (based on 30-year,

4-billion dose track record of the human version), and CDC and NIH say it has no effect on Covid, let's press them to make ivermectin the standard placebo. Kind of like Phil Harper's bomb detonator I referred to in my comment.

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[Got this cross-posted from Dr. Jessica Rose's 'Unconditional Jessica']


You just might be the Edward Oppenheimer of anti-Covid victory!

Unless I've missed something,

up to now, presenting credentials, citations published, academic and professional titles along with evidence, statistics, explanations, illustrations, and even moral imperatives have all had negligible effects on the actions of the Covid Cartel.

Like bombs without detonators.

You've provided one.

It's hiding in plain sight - public view.

It's a gauntlet to throw down to every hardened

criminal in the Covid Cartel and every

denier they have duped or bribed.

Your OPEN INCLUSION of Kevin McKernan's

$10, 1-hour, lots-of-labs-can-prove-it procedure

is the Detonator.



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Jessica Rose cross posted this substack.

I have often cross posted another substack through comments, but in the last few minutes there were 2 done by prominent players in the fight for truth.

The other one is Robert Malone cross posting this

"Study: With each Covid vaccination, healthcare workers get sicker – applying for progressively more leave and taking more analgesic medication after each dose

EUGYPPIUS SEP 20, 2023 "


I have been following this incredibly important substack since it started. Recommended.

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Absolutely brilliant Phil. Best sign off I’ve read yet!

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