Pfizer Documents vaccine efficacy article now available for all.

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I’ve had great feedback about this article, and it now seems to me that more people ought to be able to read it. As such, the entire half of the article which was behind a wall is now open for all. If you read half of it, then reached the wall, it’s now available in full. Please share it with anyone who’d like to read the full piece. Your shares make a huge difference. As ever, if you like this and think it’s important, please consider becoming a paid subscriber.

This is an open thread to discuss the article. The full article is linked below.

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Pfizer Documents show Pfizer made its vaccine appear more effective than it was
On May 24th, the anonymous Twitter account JikkyLeaks claimed that data contained inside the massive Pfizer Documents release shows their vaccine had close to zero efficacy even when it launched. There is some correcting of the raw data required to reach this conclusion, but the raw data alone hints at an efficacy of 53%. The data contradicts Pfizer’s p…
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