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You have a gift for writing things clearly, distilling complex subject matter into easy to comprehend language. I hope your work gets much more widely distributed. Thank you 🙏

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This is incredible, and shocking. Thank you for YOUR hard work! Wow...just WOW!!!

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I saw the Pierre Kory-Phil Harper interview today on the FLCCC website. I had never heard of substack till around July or August of last year. Now everyone that challenges the official narrative is on substack.

Phil If you don't mind me asking how long have you been on substack? I have been following Ivermectin and the FLCCC since the spring of last year. I have an official complaint with the Oregon Board of Pharmacy over Ivermectin. I am hoping somehow the dam will burst and the truth will come out about the crime that has been committed against the people. Maybe you will be the one who make that dam burst.

Damn the lies; full speed ahead.

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I don't wish harm upon anyone, I just wish that every single person that has been involved in this cover up, and allowed so many innocent people to die(while being completely aware of it) to feel in one single moment the heaviness of the horror of these people dieing alone and in severe pain. That's all.

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Last summer, August 24, I tested positive for Covid while traveling alone in Florida. I asked the doctor that did the test to prescribe Ivermectin. He laughed at me. Four days later, I was rushed to the hospital in acute respiratory failure, with a pulse ox of 68%. During my two week stay in the CCU, I raged over being denied Ivermectin. This has brought all of that back. Now I have a specific someone to be pissed at.

In December, my husband got Covid. Through the FLCCC, we were able to get Ivermectin for him. Four days later, he was up and about, working from his home office, with only some sinus congestion and fatigue for a week or so more. He has more risk factors than I, and is less attentive to his diet, exercise, sleep schedule, and nutritional supplements as well, yet he had a very mild illness, while mine was quite severe. Ivermectin, I fully believe, made the difference.

Thank you for this work you are doing. One day, the world will know the truth. God willing, those responsible for the lies about Ivermectin will be held accountable, if not in this world, then the next.

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RCT's are the feedstock of pharmaceutical marketing, and really, are not science. They are often spun up with "medical writing". But at the core, each RCT is unique, and combining them is like adding small angles on the surface of a big sphere. No RCT is falsifiable, for it is only speaking about itself, as published, too. Not about anything else. Perhaps, or rather certainly now, most in the field hold them as the gold standard, and if we were talking ping pong balls, quality tested, as used in state lotteries, RCT's would be fine. But humans are individual, statistical cohorts, the one's of big RCT's, mush them up into something not human, and something that doesn't describe well ANY particular human.

And it is also human to cheat. The motive to cheat is everpresent in humans. It is strong in some, and those some fond of cheats can easily rise in a network, an institution, where counter social forces: greed, pride, need to pay the bills, getting in over your head, fear of failure, comforts, perks, sense of belonging etc etc do not check them. I would like honesty, selfishness, integrity, etc to be counted as counter social forces, but sorry, I'm too old, seen too much of our institutions and establishments in this era. Those are weakened forces, not much depth in them. Tik tok, etc. Fame. Bonanzas of pharma big shots of novel invention. Intellectual Property.

That last is different, and remarkable: intellectual property. A big player too.

No one owns the rights to Ivermectin anymore, nor quercetin, nor vitamin D, nor the quinones like HCQ, or even Ivemectin's Nobel buddy: Artemisinin. There's no more Dukedoms of some major IP to be established with them. Dukes are important. The Dukes, at the time the knights, arrived in England with William back some ways, are some of histories wealthiest men. England was the new frontier of that time. Where are Dukedoms today? In Pharma! It has eclipsed Hollywood, not quite eclipsed social media Dukedoms, or the high tech ones like Tesla, Apple, MS, but it may.

But to acquire a title, means driving away the natives, the free peoples. The competing hosts of humans, the one's who might come to challenge claims to intellectual property "land" holds. Ivermectin, HCQ would give them that ability too. So make those nothing, unavailable. The new Dukes must own the very person in his DNA and RNA, by periodic boosters of novel IP compounds, without which you may not live.

The titles are written by medical writers, and made law by IP maven attornies.

RCT's are adjuncts of title, necessary parts. They can not be real, if they are real, they can be challenged. IP is the land only of imagination, in its essential nature, none of it can be real.

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I’ve been turned onto, tuned into, awake to Ivermectin since November 2020. I watch and read all the FLCCC videos and updates. I actually listened to the verbal exchange between Hill and Lawrie. I still can’t believe that this can go on, that even now so many people are allowed to die in agony for profits. It’s genocide.

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Phil , I'm so glad I watched your Flccc Zoom interview, you were so annoyingly interrupted but as a good Brit you just took it under your chin.

I liked your your articles here, you stick to facts and conclusions based on those facts, and not simply your opinions. Many journalists, have lost the plot, they simply take ideological stances on everything they write. I used to read the broadsheets but I haven't bought one in years, for the same reasons, they're just feeding us their ideological garbage as if we can't form our opinion. Journalism is a lost profession ( maybe not, because of people like you?)

Lastly, to keep this short, I much liked what you said that you don't want people to contact any of the persons you mentioned in your articles. That's right, this mob justice thing must stop. And I'm glad you challenged those who are calling for litigation. This kind of vitriol is what has infested the American society. We mustn't encourage that with Substack readers.

I'm glad to meet a Brit journo with no agendas (as possible as that can be) and non partisan!

Continuo viva!

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Wow, I had seen snippets of that conversation, but it's powerful when you see it all. She was really pushing him, reminding him that every day thousands of people were dying, and it would be HIS fault. I have to think it was more than money that he was being threatened with. At least I hope so. It hurts my heart to think about how many hundreds of thousands died because of these evil people (and I don't mean just this particular move, I mean the whole plandemic from start to finish).

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Thanks for this, and I admit, the anti-Ivermectin lobby had me fooled. When this is over, you might like to look at the case for cycle helmets, which is very similar but opposite; all the reliable evidence shows they don't work, but lots of "scientists" publish papers showing that they do work, including Cochrane reviews. Cycle helmets are now a huge, incredibly profitable industry with no risk. cyclehelmets.org is worth reading.

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You mention that hill included as coauthors all the authors of the studies included in his review. Can, should, they sue him for false representations or other legal matters? If he did not get their consent, he clearly committed fraud. Regards

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Thank God someone is finally covering this properly. Thank you.

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Andrew Hill rests his case in a newer paper (February 2022)

„Ivermectin for COVID-19: Addressing Potential Bias and Medical Fraud“


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Even though I know the story, it is like reading a thriller. Thatnk you so much for revealing the scam.

Please notice that you have a little mistake here: "Dr Andrew Hill: "From my side. OK... I think end of February [2020], we will be there six weeks."

Should be 2021.

Thank you so much

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Someday I hope this conversation (between Lawrie and Hill) is studied by millions of people as an example of how someone makes the decisions that put them in hell.

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This paper is from 2011 and it touts Ivermectin as the human Wonderdrug like aspirin or penicillin!


Also, my unvaxed 75yo mother works as a receptionist in a doctors office. Last week all the triple vaxed people in her office came down with Covid. She developed a sore throat (currently a first symptom of Covid) and immediately started ivermectin along with a vitamin infusion and nasal pharyngeal iodine rinses. Now it’s a week later & she still feels great, never missed a day of work.

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