The distorted thinking and rationale that people have to "impart" to keep them warm at night is disturbing. I read 1984 at the beginning of the pandemic, having never read it before. I am glad I did. It has helped me see the 2 minutes of hate, 2+2=5 and yesterday's truth is not longer true, you will believe and live today's truth as promulgated by the Ministry of Truth. I look forward to seeing the tapestry woven together to show, unfortunately, the horrors that this tapestry is. One thread may look beautiful in color or texture (myocarditis is normal if you run a marathon so don't worry) but once woven together (vaccines can kill more than help), not so beautiful. I am not sure enough of the world can handle this truth.

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Nor the truth/guilt that they had their children jabbed which could have lifelong implications.

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My best friend's son had chest pains and arm pain (left) the day of and for about 48 hrs after his vac. She is a nurse and knew this was cardiac because she had heard of the potential cardiac adverse effects of the vac. She decided not to tell him so he wouldn't freak out. So these are the realities even when you are awake and you have to protect your children from the truth. And of course they vaxxed their children because of school/college requirements and she had to to continue to work in hospital nursing. It's criminal.

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She knew of the potential cardiac risk? I'm sorry, but that ought to have made her rethink benefit vs risk. I feel sorry for the people who didn't know.

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Well I think it was fairly early on and it was coming out about the risks. And her kids wanted to go to college. And unfortunately our government and institutions were not worried about our health...long term...it is unfortunate. We all made choices and we have to live with the consequences.

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So disheartening to hear. I'm thankful my daughter has prudence. She was set to go to a laboratory science program when it hit. With the mandates she elected not to go into lab. Sad in a sense, but she will not be pushed around when she knows better. I'm very grateful. We all have lessons to learn and some of us learn the hard way.

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I also read 1984 for the first time at the beginning of the pandemic. What a great time to really understand the prescience of Orwell but also pretty scary.

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"what Susan didn’t tell you, was that she had cropped the data to show exactly half of it."

Of course she did. She also lies and insists she's retired and doing the YouTube videos out of the goodness of her heart - but actually she works for an organisation - Australian Centre for Nanomedicine (ACN) - who does research on behalf of vaccine companies such as Moderna.

They did their absolute best to scrub the papertrail proving it, but The Daily Beagle got the receipts:


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Great work.

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I also like to link it under any Tweets she makes that end up in my feed.

Mysteriously, she never contests it.

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Apr 11·edited Apr 11

I'm familiar with this phenomenon, but from a slightly different angle. I tell people that I know the vaccine is causing serious injury, because a cousin died from a heart attack after his booster, a good friend died "unexpectedly" in her sleep, my BIL was diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer which quickly metastasized into bone cancer, a young woman friend (28) is facing heart failure. "But those are just anecdotes!" Yes, but I'm just one person, with an average circle of family and friends. I've never seen anything like this in my life. If this is what I'm seeing, what are others seeing? When do anecdotes become data, when does data become evidence of a larger problem?

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Well done for correcting history and not let this slide. I too watched closely at how the false reporting happened… slight twists of truth that got reported sloppily onwards… because the other truth was unthinkable.

It’s a lesson for us all, and I make different life choices now that I understand.

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Yes, the truth about these pharmaceutical products being unsafe and ineffective is a hard pill to swallow for anyone who has stood behind them and already taken the poison. It’s still too difficult for most of them to see the light. I just hope more do see it. Keep writing Phil Harper..

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I still remember when they were telling everyone that it was safe and effective.

Now, the story has evolved that the “vaccines” can indeed cause heart damage, but it’s just a little heart damage, and marathon runners can get the same thing, and marathon runners are pretty much the healthiest people on this planet, and running marathons is the reason why they are so healthy so if you have heart damage from the vaccine, it’s basically good for you, like running a marathon. (I love all these Psy-Ops and ridiculously stupid associations that are completely unscientific- no wonder so many unsuspecting people fell for it)

Isn’t the marathon race commemorating a runner who ran that distance in Ancient Rome and then dropped dead from exhaustion? Can’t remember the details.

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It's currently only recommended for the over 75 age group and up (they want to stop them claiming state pension and the excess deaths are easier to hide) in the UK,it wasn't long back that the unvaxed were threatened with endless sanctions, big change in use of the product, why🤔👍safe&effective☠️

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Wouldn’t Joseph Goebbels appreciate all this? He would be in awe of how far his sort have come in such a short time with the aid of technology.

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Apr 11·edited Apr 11

It's an amazing study, well worth reading in depth and not relying on the AI summary.

Just a few nuggets I got from the briefest of skims:

"Transient" damage (chuckle) =>

"No patient showed ECG changes and no patient developed MACE within 30 days. Potentially, such outcomes were averted by the safety net provided by early detection and early implementation of preventive measures for deterioration including avoidance of strenuous exercise. "

"If the hs-cTnT concentration was elevated on day3, participants were informed, asked to avoid strenuous exercise in order to minimize additional strain of the myocardium and associated cardiomyocyte injury,"

Our findings following mRNA-1273 booster vaccination extend and corroborate observations in two recent active surveillance studies after BNT162b2 vaccination. (Thailand and Israel)

They found 800 times the case of the official number of incidences (2.8/0.0035 = 800):

"First, our findings confirmed the study hypothesis. mRNA-1273booster vaccination-associated elevation of markers of myocardial injury occurred in about one out of 35 persons (2.8%), a greater incidence than estimated in meta-analyses of hospitalized cases with myocarditis (estimated incidence 0.0035%) after the second vaccination."

"Vaccine-related myocarditis has previously been reported following smallpox vaccination with an observed incidence of16.11/100 000, which was nearly 7.5-fold higher than the expected background incidence."

Long term consequences "unknown"...

"The long-term consequences of vaccine-related myocardial injury detected by transient and mostly mild hs-cTnT/I elevations on day 2 or 3 are unknown. "

Exercise was considered...

"Alternative, yet unlikely, contributors to the elevated cTnT in our study include cardiomyocyte injury associated with strenuous exercise, or in the context of a high inflammatory response to the vaccination or a non-cardiac source. While exercise was not restricted between vaccination and first hs-cTnT measurement, none of the detected cases reported strenuous exercise preceding the blood draw on day 3. Importantly, prior exercise was also not restricted among the matched control group, and even strong exercise typically only leads to an increase in hs-cTnT concentration of on average1ng/L"

Lots in there...

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Thank you for this Phil. I've been using the analogy of a French impressionist painting. Having stood next to some of the greats in Wash DC, Renoir, Monet, Pissarro, Seurat etc. I alway enjoyed standing right next to the paintings, seeing all the splashes of paint on the canvas, beautiful in their individuality. But.....as I slowly stepped back, the full image emerged. The sum of the parts. All those brushstrokes revealed a magnificent and CLEAR picture. That's how I see the way we've evaluated the Covid crisis. Looking at individual data points without looking expansively at the whole picture. I hope your POV becomes the norm or we'll continue to be lost in a morass of bits and bytes.

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Great post Phil thanks for these thoughts.

Did you listen to Jordan Peterson talk to Adam Gilchrist recently? Wow. Two towering intellects banging of each other and emitting sparks of insight like crazy. Highly recmommend.

It is my firm contention that the most damaging part of the whole covid clownshow was the epidemiological modelling. It is so conceited to believe that their flimsy models remotely reflected the complexity of society moving through a pandemic and maniacly hubristic to believe that anyone or anyones models, can remotely predict the future. Chaos theory rejects that contention entirely.

This is completely in line with left brain thinking, I very much doubt that many of the left brain "experts" we heard ad infinitum, have any real grasp of chaos theory and the left brain would be very uncomfortable with the idea of it. Chaos has rules but it is not predictable and the starting state is extremely important. Slight variations in that starting state can give massively different final outcomes. There is no "correct" answer, it all depends on context.......

In that it is similar to quantum theory. Uncertainty principle means that we will never know. We can only give probable outcomes. Another thing the left brain must revile.

So uncertainty at the micro and chaos at the macro....a world where you can never truly know what will happen next, no matter how many studies you read, how complex you make your models or how much you think you understand a process.

These are humbling thoughts, but they are also beautiful; there is hope in them that things can be better than we think, that we are not on a fixed path, that the present matters greatly and if we get the present right we can move towards a better world. The present is a constant starting state of endless chaotic paths so our intentions matter and being in the present matters. And so enters religion and mindfullness and we see how they help humans have better outcomes. While they do not guarantee better outcomes, they tend us towards better things because the starting state is most important and if you get that right (whatever right is, which is a separate argument) the outcome is more likely to be beneficial.

I highly recommend "Chaos, making a new Science" by James Gleick, if you haven't read it. In one chapter he discusses chaos in biology and the startling idea that non linearity (chaos) is health, while linearity is disease. This is because if you perturb a linear system it remains off track, while if you perturb a chaotic system it returns to it's starting point (resets). Thus chaotic systems have more information / redundancy / resilience then linear systems and this is evidenced in fibrillation of the heart (speaking of hearts), a process too chaotic to ever model from component parts, but that makes a repeatable rythmic outcome that results in billions of beats, all the same. Try and build a heart with reductionism.

We know but we don't know. This is not a comfortable place for the left brain.

I would be extremely surprised if Susan Oliver gives any thought to this or is remotely aware of it in her highly linear, left brained, world of intervention certainty.

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This doesn't even take into effect the long term consequences of (little noticed) sub-clinical conditions.

It's like depleted uranium munitions. We know how many people died directly from the bombs but how many die from the toxic legacy. Incalculable.

Midwit bureaucrats, politicians, academics and physicians in the mold of Susan Oliver are anchors on humanity- bottom of the barrel of the human species. As they dutifully do the bidding of the legalized Pharma Drug Syndicate they do far more damage to individuals and society than any run of the mill criminal.

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Go for it Phil, I would love to read your continuing thoughts.

Apart from anything else, this is just such a transparent tissue of rubbish from Susan Oliver I would love to see her in a painted corner from which she cannot escape without admitting her falsehoods.

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Context is everything. That's what's so frustrating about the attempt to bolster a statement with a sound bite. There's always a lot of context between the black end and the white end. Even good research contains bias simply by the choice of subjects. And then there's AI bias. Reasonable people understand the importance of the middle ground.

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They’re not having heart attacks.

The people on TV who are falling over, the news anchors, and the sports figures, that are falling over, are not having heart attacks.

Heart attacks hurt. They fucking hurt. You grab your chest and struggle with immense, acute, pain.

Show me someone who grabs their heart.

The vaccines are paralytic.

Their muscles, including their hearts are in paralysis.


That’s why they fall from standing postures, and/or lie completely still when on the ground.

Their muscles and their organs are in paralysis.

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I think it's best to let that odd "Susan" thing continue rambling. Whatever kind of construct the Susan thing is it is obvious, at least to me, that whatever it promotes are harmful lies.

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