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It’s written by me - Phil Harper - a former filmmaker and creative technologist that was sucked into this topic during the pandemic. In India, I discovered a medicine being widely used, available in all the pharmacies, and prescribed by many doctors, but it was being unfairly maligned in the West. Uncovering that story took my readers on a journey behind the closed doors of medical research and corporate incentives. Sound interested? Try it out now, with “The Very Unusual Paper”

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“Worth my attention." - Martin

“I love your idea of using AI to map out the web of pharma donations. Do you have a donations page for people to make donations larger than Substack allows?” - Mark

"I support your truthful research and reporting." - Paul

“case.science is super interesting, want to follow this!" - ThreeWayStreet

"I supported your work because I think it's important to help everyone understand the crimes committed during COVID-19 and daily by the Big Pharma, the MSM, and Government. Keep up the good work." - Wendy

“Keep writing Phil Harper!” - Deborah

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An immersive documentary producer and director. Currently figuring out python. Interested in crypto. Formerly of Truthloader.