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Hydroxychloroquine part two. Avoiding difficult dosing questions

A toxic dose of hydroxychloroquine?

Pfizer's hidden efficacy data

Welcome, to the real world

84% increase in sudden cardiac death after mRNA vaccination says Florida State Surgeon General

A typical conflict of interest statement

What may be about to happen

Questions we need answers to

Write to your representative

TV Doctor calls for a suspension of Covid-19 vaccines

An example of how lobbying works

18 to 98 serious adverse events for every person helped by vaccination?

The McCullough paper

Peer Reviewed: Vaccine trial data shows a negative benefit to harm ratio

Pfizer's own data showed vaccine creates net loss on hospitalisations

Can an AI help us understand thousands of papers on the vaccine?

Dr Peter Wilmshurst, the man who turned down two years salary

Dr David Cartland

Here's why nothing happened to you after you tested positive for Covid-19

Huge decisions, made in private, with no oversight

What happened the moment after you tested positive for Covid?

"I have refused bribes" Peter Wilmshurst, 2015 [video]

Trailer - The Research Cartel

The Research Cartel - a film.

The Research Cartel - a film.

Pfizer Documents vaccine efficacy article now available for all.

Pfizer Documents show Pfizer made its vaccine appear more effective than it was

A public verification of JikkyLeaks

Unpacking the anonymous claims on Pfizer's lack of efficacy

The Pfizer documents produce their first major results

Why Unitaid keep turning up for Ivermectin

Unitaid rep appears in another decision against Ivermectin

The Magical App

The impossible drumbeat of content and the future of online journalism

Alexandros Marinos - The Digger Episode 5

You aren't allowed to know who advised UK government against Ivermectin.

Who ran the negative press campaign that came before the TOGETHER trial was published?

Dr Jackie Stone

Death count altered in the TOGETHER trial

The full Ivermectin series now sharable for all

A closer look at 'the drop out' issue in the TOGETHER trial

The Can't Add TOGETHER Trial

Dr Pierre Kory - The Digger, Episode 1

Professor Norman Fenton - The Digger, Episode 3

Brook Jackson - The Digger, Ep 2

Ivermectin Part 4: Censorship, controversy and attacks

A resource on credible data which was censored

The endless Ivermectin controversy

Why didn't the 'Therapeutics Taskforce' recommend Ivermectin for further study?

A vaccinator on the Pfizer trial had no medical experience at all

Uttar Pradesh put COVID early treatment prescription in the newspapers

I am Robotic Rentals...soon The Digger

Think 'The Matrix' not 'Bernie Madoff'

Professor tied to altered Andrew Hill paper also prepared 'Ivermectin Evidence' for World Health Organisation

MUST WATCH - 'A letter to Dr Andrew Hill'

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Tens of thousands of Americans died because the medical profession refused to accept there was effective early treatment

Who edited the Andrew Hill paper? Coming very soon.

PODCAST Ep 1 - Pierre Kory, Ivermectin, and the Corruption in the Medical Industry

The Competing Interests of those who discredited Ivermectin

Health insurance data from Germany shows 'alarm signal' in vaccine side effects

Ivermectin Part 3: The People Behind the Curtain.

Why you can't 'Trust the Science'

COVID death 1200% higher in countries not using Ivermectin

Ivermectin and 'a very powerful lobby'. A summary.

A very unusual business. Part 2.

The 'very unusual paper.' Part 1

Quickly dislodging the 'Ivermectin is a horse dewormer' meme

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